Ashwagandha has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine; the active principles of this plant are very powerful. Ashwagandha root promotes the onset of sleep, intellectual and physical well-being. It is a support in times of nervous tension and anxiety. It also helps to synthesize muscles.

In Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is considered to be a plant of great power, with which many virtues are associated. Culture, parts of the plants used, extraction, you will in this article find out more about its origin.

Its benefits are multiple: It contributes to optimal relaxation, the onset of sleep, it helps the body to manage stress. It also has an energizing action: sexuality, muscle gain and it helps to feel more energetic. Let’s take a full tour of its properties!


Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng

Ashwagandha has medicinal properties that are similar to those of ginseng. This is why it is sometimes called Indian ginseng. In India, it is known for its ability to provide you with strength and vitality . In many cases, you can consume it to relieve yourself of many ailments. Today, it is no longer known only in India, but also all over the world, for its age and efficiency .

The effects of the Withania Somnifera species

Many medical studies have been carried out on this Ayurvedic plant. The conclusive results of these studies have greatly contributed to its development around the world. In the market, many dietary supplement manufacturers offer ashwagandha. All the same, it is important that you know that the effectiveness of Withania Somnifera can vary according to its method of extraction, its format, its content of a component, but also according to the respect of the standards which surround him.

In all cases, the plant is renowned for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety when consumed, improve sleep, stimulate the body and support its defenses against stress or physical problems. It goes without saying that she is a complete plant.

Ashwagandha KSM66 Bio

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  • check The energy and serenity of Ayurvedic tradition
  • check Packaging: 60 capsules
  • check Dosage: 1 then 2 capsules / day

Composition of organic ashwagandha

Withania Somnifera is a rich plant, which consists of several elements whose benefits on the body are unimaginable. It is a plant particularly rich in iron, as well as in glycowithanolides ( antioxidants ), tannins, glucose, potassium nitrate, alkaloids, and fatty acids. Some of the alkaloids that make up this herbal remedy, you can include piperidine, pyrazole, and pyrrolidine. Its phytosterol composition is also considerable. Note also that the antioxidants that make up ashwagandha have striking similarities with the ginsenosides in ginseng.


In addition, it is also worth emphasizing the presence of steroid alkaloids in Withania Somnifera . In this sense, it is mainly somnine, somniferin, anferine and whitanolides. In the implementation of the active principles of the plant, these components play a major role. Among the elements that make up ashwagandha, we also include flavonoids , lactones, as well as acetylsterylglucosides.

It should also be noted that in Withania Somnifera , you will find many amino acids including the well-known L-tryptophan as well as bioavailable trace elements such as iron , which we have already mentioned above. Regarding iron, it is appropriate to specify that its contribution is not excessive as some writings suggest. You would really have to abuse it for these supposed effects to be felt. Finally, note that the plant itself is not widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is especially the roots that arouse the interest of the Indians, who consider that the majority of the active principles of the plant are found in this part of the plant and that they appear in much less quantity elsewhere .

Ashwagandha and Ayurvedic medicine

As we told you above, ashwagandha is a plant from traditional Indian medicine, it is even one of the oldest plants of this tradition. It is considered, like holy basil, as a major plant in Ayurvedic medicine. It is called “rasayana”, that is to say “which regenerates and rejuvenates”. In Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages ​​used in India, Ashwagandha means “strong as a horse” , in reference to the revitalizing and fortifying properties of this plant.

In Ayurvedic medicine, and today around the world, the plant is known and used to treat many pathologies. You can use it to strengthen your body and its resistance to stress if you have suffered from a serious illness in the meantime. Likewise, you can consume it from time to time just to strengthen your defenses or to counter insomnia.

The cultivation of organic ashwagandha

Organic ashwagandha knows, like many plants, an organic culture aimed at providing a healthy and environmentally friendly product. Its extraction process is a factor that keeps the active principle of its components. The same goes for the quality of its roots, and its content of active compounds.

The extraction process

Generally, there are various approaches to extracting the active compounds from a plant. However, most approaches consist of a significant use of alcohol and chemicals. These elements often alter the active molecules, their properties, and therefore their effectiveness during their use.

The extraction process used here is one of the major assets that allow to keep the active ingredient of organic ashwagandha. Its roots naturally contain withaferin A and withanin. During the extraction, it is therefore essential to ensure the preservation of all the molecules in order to benefit from a food supplement of the best quality possible, containing the complete totum of the plant. If you want to restore all the active substances of Indian ginseng, it is the full spectrum extraction method , also called full spectrum extraction, which it is advisable to use. It allows the restitution of all the active substances of the plant, and this in the right proportions.

However, the extraction process is very rarely given information on the packaging. We advise you to inform yourself well on the issue, via the manufacturer’s website or by contacting the latter directly if the opportunity is given to you.

Nutripure has chosen organic Ashwagandha extract KSM66 because it comes exclusively from the root, which limits the presence of witaferine A. The extraction is made without chemical solvent in order to preserve the totum of the root, ie the full spectrum of its nutrients.

gélules ashwagandha

The quality of the roots of organic ashwagandha

It is its roots that have largely made the reputation of organic ashwagandha. After harvesting, its roots are dried, then powdered . This is when withanin is extracted (for its withanolides), along with flavonoids, phenolic acids and fatty acids. While it is true that the dried leaves of Withania Somnifera and its fruits also contain active substances, their content is still more concentrated at the roots.

This is why we recommend food supplements whose active elements have been isolated only from the roots of organic ashwagandha.

In fact, most manufacturers offer you for sale supplements made from dried leaf extracts, which are less expensive to produce. You must therefore verify when purchasing that it is root extracts that are in your product, and that you use ashwagandha in bodybuilding, as a relaxant or other. In the case of ashwagandha leaf, the presence of witaferine A is inescapable: it is however not recommended for health.

The concentration of active compounds

The content of active ingredients is a factor that directly influences the quality of your ashwagandha, and therefore that of your cure based on this plant or its roots. But with organic ashwagandha, it is the withaferin A and withanolides content that should constitute your evaluation index . The first is part of the steroid lactone family and acts mainly on the heart, inflammation and modulation of the immune system.

As for withanolides, their effects are directed towards the mind, energy, vitality and sexual functions. The content of these two elements in the food supplement is essential. Likewise, they should be reasonably present in your body, without excess, since withaferin A is very potent. Too high a dose, it can be harmful to the body.

Ideally, a product containing organic ashwagandha should contain approximately 0.1% withaferin A , and 5% withanolides . This is the reason why a standardized extract is always preferable to root powder.

Ashwagandha KSM66 Bio

  • check The reference ashwagandha snippet
  • check The energy and serenity of Ayurvedic tradition
  • check Packaging: 60 capsules
  • check Dosage: 1 then 2 capsules / day

The benefits of organic ashwagandha

The rise of Indian ginseng is due to its many benefits. Many virtues are associated with this plant, both from a psychic and physical point of view.

Well-being: contributes to optimal relaxation

The root of Indian ginseng is traditionally used to help the body resist stress . It also contributes to well-being and optimal relaxation. In both men and women, the ashwagandha root restores physical energy . This Ayurvedic product is also involved in maintaining optimal cognitive activity because of its ability to keep neurons active longer.


Relaxation: promotes the onset of sleep

Thanks to its somniferin and L-tryptophan content, Withania Somnifera acts on your sleep. Better, it avoids you waking up in the middle of the night and insomnia. On the body’s hormones and the major physiological functions, the nervous system and the cycles of wakefulness or sleep, Withania Somnifera operates a work of regulation and balance . Especially in the evening, we recommend consuming ashwagandha so that you can enjoy a peaceful and more restful sleep. This plant helps you to fall asleep and prevents you from waking up at night.

Because of its ability to reduce cortisol levels in the body, ashwagandha helps you avoid fragmented sleep and increase REM sleep . Naturally, consuming ashwagandha balances your energy and helps you get back to natural sleep instead of acting as a sedative. We therefore recommend it particularly against insomnia.

Stress: helps the body to manage stress

Consuming ashwagandha helps you adapt more easily to many stressful situations, talking about psychological stress (work, family) as well as physiological stress (cold, heat, pain). The Russians consider ashwagandha to be a plant of the “adaptogen” family. This term was proposed by the Russians in the post-war period during their studies, to designate a plant that helps to adapt to stressful situations .

As a general rule, adaptogenic plants have stimulating effects like Rhodiola Rosea or Fenugreek. But on the contrary, you will notice that ashwagandha is probably the only one that stands out with a soothing effect. So, when you have insomnia caused by stress, you can undergo ashwagandha treatment. This plant decreases stress markers considerably, blood cortisol in particular. A cure based on Withania Somnifera also gives you important vitality and increased endurance.

We recommend the roots of this plant to strengthen your body and fight against the harmful effects of internal stress.


Sexuality: supports sexual function in men

If you have libido problems or erection difficulties, Withania Somnifera is a plant that will quickly restore your physical energy and your erection. In women, this plant helps strengthen the reproductive and hormonal system .

Energy: helps to feel more energetic

If you are lacking in dynamism and energy, ashwagandha helps restore your physical energy and helps maintain optimal physical resistance . This plant provides sensations of energy and vitality and ensures physical well-being. It promotes the proper metabolic functioning of the body and protects the various organs. So these are roots that you can eat if you often feel tired and lacking in energy.

This is the ideal product that we recommend if you need a natural and lasting energy boost.

Muscles: helps to gain muscle mass

A course of Withania Somnifera is very effective for you after a long period of wasting, when you want to gain weight. Organic ashwagandha in bodybuilding is also effective in increasing your muscle mass . For the possible growth problems of your child, you can also consider a cure of ashwagandha.

Likewise, if you are athletic and used to intensive physical activity, ashwagandha improves muscle function as much as it helps recovery.

Resistance: promotes the body’s resistance to physical stress

Ashwagandha is considered in Ayurvedic medicine as the most powerful natural physical stress reliever . Against a too fast pace of life or to overcome physical stress, Withania Somnifera is a remedy of remarkable effectiveness. It is also necessary to count on the fact that this traditional remedy has a function of stimulation of the memory and of assistance to the concentration. It also contributes to the improvement of depressive states and thus allows your body to display remarkable resistance.

Should we prefer ashwagandha in capsules or in powder?

Both in powder and capsule form, ashwagandha is a fairly effective recipe. In powder, it is 100% pure and comes from organic farming. Ashawagandha powder is less interesting than the extract because the amount of active ingredients contained in the roots is not guaranteed. You therefore do not know exactly how many withanolides you are ingesting: you are therefore either under dosing, which is of no interest, or overdosing.

The interest of ashwagandha extract capsules makes perfect sense in order to ingest a measurable and repeatable dose: this regularity will help you to feel the effects.

Our opinion on organic ashwagandha KSM 66, the world reference

KSM 66 ashwagandha is a root extract that you can use in many cases. The vast majority of studies that have proven its effects have been done on KSM66.

KSM 66 is a patented product which has the particularity of being obtained by full spectrum. Its active ingredients are therefore maintained . It indeed contains 5% withanolides, exhibiting a chemical structure almost identical to that of ginsenosides. Its withanolides content was evaluated by HLPC, a high precision test. In addition, it has been the subject of some twenty clinical studies carried out on humans.

It reduces cortisol and stress. It improves capacities in athletes , increases muscle mass, as well as testosterone enanthate kaufen. Ashwagandha KSM 66 comes in vegetarian capsule form and contains no additives.

Grown without pesticides in Rajasthan, India, ashwagandha KSM 66 has reliable labels such as GMP, the absence of GMO (non-GMO Project Verified), good practices of organic farming and harvesting. In addition, this Ayurvedic product is guaranteed to be free of excipients or additives, non-irradiated, gluten-free, yeast-free, dairy-free, colorants and preservatives, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate.


Dosage and dosage of the product

You will understand, ashwagandha is consumed in different forms. You can make the option of powder or capsules, knowing that in all cases the product is extracted from the dried leaves and roots of the plant. We recommend instead an extract strictly from the root.

Being consumed in the form of a cure, ashwagandha is to be taken respecting time intervals. For example, 3 weeks of treatment for a week of break where you will not take any, and you will be within the standards.

We recommend that you start with 1 ashwagandha capsule , 750 mg. You can then go up to 2 capsules per day once you are familiar with the product. We recommend taking the capsules with meals.

We draw your attention to the fact that the active ingredients of this plant are very powerful. In order to give your body time to adapt to it, we do not recommend that you increase the dose suddenly, or even start consuming it in high doses. Compliance with this dosage is therefore very important. Go gradually and without abuse.

Ashwagandha KSM66 Bio

  • check The reference ashwagandha snippet
  • check The energy and serenity of Ayurvedic tradition
  • check Packaging: 60 capsules
  • check Dosage: 1 then 2 capsules / day

Dangers, precautions for use, contra-indication and undesirable effects

In order to keep ashwagandha as long as possible, we recommend that you keep it in a dry environment . This precaution for use seems obvious, knowing that Withania Somnifera comes in powder form in capsules, but prevention is better than cure.

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