Coconut oil has many virtues, both in cooking and in cosmetic care. Its unique composition makes it a great ally on a daily basis, which will accompany you in all your cooking desires and in all your beauty treatments, to make you benefit from unsuspected and surprising virtues!

How to use coconut-oil?

Coconut oil allows a wide use and multiple uses. It is found in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom to guarantee the well-being and good health of our body.

The use of coconut oil in our diet

Coconut oil supports cooking at high temperature without altering its benefits, unlike walnut oil for example. It is therefore possible to use it to fry food. In addition, it is easily absorbed by the intestines and the liver. It is even suitable for a ketogenic diet that supports the body in the production of internal energy without the need for intake through food. The metabolism performs the same actions as if you were to fast without actually having to do it. Walnut oil is ideal for vegans and vegans . It replaces butter and is used for the design of pastries or pie crusts.

We therefore recommend to use it as a replacement for all traditional cooking oils because the latter do not withstand the rise in temperature. This is not the case for virgin coconut oil which rises up to 180 ° C without being at its smoke point.

Coconut oil is also delicious. For example, you can make a chocolate mug cake recipe with coconut oil. Also roast your vegetables by heating your coconut oil in a pan or in a baking dish. The smoke point is very high compared to other oils, so there is no risk in heating this oil. You can also use it to vary your vinaigrette and thus change a little olive oil or walnut oil.

Organic coconut oil in cosmetics

Coconut oil is our cosmetic top! We try it and we adopt it as it replaces many products:

  • Make-up remover : the fat of coconut oil is very practical for breaking up the components of your make-up. In addition, it is not irritating like other cosmetic products for removing makeup. Apply two drops of organic coconut oil on a reusable organic cotton make-up removing disc, then rub gently to remove makeup. Rinse with cool water and wash your disc.
  • Moisturizer : coconut oil is particularly nourishing. It is therefore strongly recommended for sensitive and fragile skin. It forms a protective barrier against external aggressions and deeply nourishes the epidermis. There are creams made with coconut oil, but you can also just use a drop by applying it directly to your face or neck.
  • The deodorant: the antifungal and antibacterial action of coconut oil prevents the development of bacteria which are at the origin of bad odors under our armpits. Make your own deodorant with baking soda, lemon essential oil, cornstarch and a little coconut oil. It can easily be stored for 3 months in the bathroom cabinet.
  • Toothpaste : studies show that industrial toothpastes are harmful to our health. This is the opportunity to test coconut oil as a toothpaste. It is healing and brings soothing to the small lesions of our mouth and its antimicrobial action guarantees oral hygiene. It mixes with bicarbonate for optimal efficiency.
  • The scrub : Use coconut oil scrubs to soften and hydrate your skin. Mix it with fine sugar to create the exfoliating effect. Rub gently so as not to attack the skin and rinse thoroughly. Coconut oil leaves a real softness on your skin.


Coconut oil is good for the hair

By choosing coconut oil to treat your hair, you guarantee optimal infiltration into the hair fiber. Unlike commercial treatments that wrap the hair in silicone, coconut oil penetrates deeply to nourish the hair and not just make it shine on the surface. It strengthens the hair and doesn’t just make it look beautiful .

This protection by coconut oil reduces the fragility of the hair and makes it supple and vital. Apply coconut oil before going to bed. This will give the nutrients time to enter the hair fiber properly. Make a hair mask once a week to give it a boost. Apply a homemade hair mask with coconut oil on the entire hair and scalp, then cover with a towel so as not to put it on the pillow! In the morning, rinse with a natural shampoo.

It is the ideal mask for repairing too dry hair or damaged hair . Your hair will be stronger and more radiant by dint of making coconut oil masks.

Coconut oil against stretch marks or dry skin

Coconut oil is regenerating. It is therefore recommended to fight against dryness of the skin and reduce redness and it also helps to renew your cells. It is for this reason that it helps to reduce stretch marks and the presence of scars. It is enough to gently massage the skin with a little oil until total penetration. Repeat the gesture twice a day for several weeks. The action will soon be notable. However, stretch marks and scars must be recent. If they have been visible for several years, the action will be less important. You can hope to fade old scars, but they won’t go away completely. You must therefore act as soon as you notice that your skin is damaged . We think in particular of pregnant women who risk seeing stretch marks appear if the belly grows rapidly. This is also the case for young girls during adolescence. With the chest growing and hips rounded, the skin cracks to form stretch marks.

You can also use coconut oil to combat the horrors of winter. Chapped lips will find some soothing with the application of coconut oil. And to avoid the inconvenience of scabs, also regularly nourish your too dry skin with this nourishing oil.

How is organic coconut oil obtained?

Organic coconut oil is obtained by being cold pressed . After harvesting the mature coconuts, the flesh is removed and finely grated. We choose very mature coconuts, because too young coconuts contain too much water and only a very thin film of flesh. For greater profitability, we therefore wait until the water disappears and the flesh is thicker. Once the flesh is grated into small chips, it is soaked in pure water and then pressed to extract the coconut oil . By choosing to cold-press it, coconut oil retains nutrients and its aroma.

From this action, we recover the coconut milk in which the oil is found. The coconut pulp is not thrown away, which is then dried and marketed as coconut powder. The milk is completely pure and very smooth. It is renowned for its very rich composition. So that the oil is no longer associated with this coconut cream, we let the coconut milk stand in a very large bowl. The process happens naturally. All you have to do is skim off to separate the oil from the cream. Finally, we finish with a filtration in order to remove the last impurities from the coconut oil.

Is coconut oil a superfood or one of the worst foods you can eat?

Scientific studies by a Harvard scholar have talked about the risks of consuming coconut oil and have declared that it is even a real poison. If coconut oil is consumed too much, it is possible for the body to develop too much cholesterol and even cardiovascular disease. It must be said that coconut oil has been in the spotlight for a few years. We see it everywhere!

In fact, coconut oil contains a significant amount of saturated fat compared to other oils. But ultimately, studies also show that coconut oil has no negative impact as long as it is not overused . In short, just don’t put it everywhere to only retain the benefits of coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil against heart disease

Coconut oil is a widely used food in Asian countries. It is renowned for having great medicinal properties. In Asia, coconut oil is very often used in large quantities. It is special because of its high content of lauric acid. It is a medium chain fatty acid which is said to have much less effect on the production of cholesterol. It increases bad cholesterol, but also good cholesterol, which ultimately makes it fairly neutral for our body.

Its medium chain fatty acids (MCTs) are good fats for our metabolism. Their intermediate molecular size allows them to be easily mobilized during an effort for example.

Coconut oil is a powerful fungicide

In coconut oil is caprylic acid. It is a natural antifungal, also known as acanoic acid. It is saturated fatty acid which is used to fight against fungi, but also to fight certain yeast infections. Coconut oil is a great help in consuming caprylic acid. It acts like antibiotics but unlike drugs, caprylic acid only destroys bad bacteria and retains bacteria that are essential for our good health.

Caprylic acid is great for boosting our immune system. It is also proven that people who consume coconut regularly develop candidiasis less regularly. It acts as protection against the development of fungi and brings a balance to the bacteria present in our body. It also reduces the chances of an abundance of yeasts which create health concerns. Our body regularly has to deal with viral infections, bacteria or microbes. By providing this caprylic acid, your body will fight more effectively against different infections . We think in particular of the development of candida albicans, present in the flora of our intestines. Coconut oil is especially recommended for people who suffer from constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.

Candida albicans is an infection linked to a strong presence of a fungus. It loves wetlands and affects human organisms as easily as animals or plants. In humans, its presence is noted in the intestinal transit, in the vagina or in the mouth or anus. Coconut oil acts directly on candida albicans and rebalances the flora.

Is coconut oil vegan and organic?

No, coconut oil is not always organic or vegan. Indeed, the transport of coconuts is very polluting. These are mainly productions located in Southeast Asia. In addition, the yield of the coconut palm is not very high. If demand only grows, production will also have to expand. On the other hand, the advantage of the coconut palm is that it grows on land not very inclined to culture and in particular on sandy soils. It is therefore unnecessary to deforest to cultivate new coconut palms.

Coconut oil isn’t always vegan. How is this possible, since the coconut is the fruit of a plant? This is because some plantations use exploited monkeys to go and pick the coconuts in order to harvest as much as possible. Apart from this aspect, coconut oil is recommended for vegan diets.

When choosing your coconut oil-based product, try to choose products that are made by companies that respect the biological aspect as much as possible but also respect the animals . There are brands that produce organic and vegan coconut oil. It is also important to check that the company and the plantation of coconut palms are not based on the exploitation of the workers. It’s fine to consume coconut oil, but it’s even better to pay attention to how it’s produced.

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