Nettle has many health benefits. It acts on tonicity, venous circulation, fatigue, joints, iron deficiency or even acne. It can be consumed during the various meals of the day but also be used in cosmetics.

Nettle is a plant rich in minerals and other trace elements. To enjoy the many benefits of nettle , you can consume it in salads, soups, infusions or even in your vitamin smoothies for breakfast!

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Medicinal properties and benefits of nettle

While stinging nettle is often unfairly treated like a weed, it still holds many treasures. It is particularly appreciated for its ability to strengthen hair, nails and bones. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory that will help reduce your joint pain.

Nettle for tonicity

Do you lack vitality? Various factors can be the cause: change of season, repeated physical efforts, poor sleep, particular events, chronic fatigue is unfortunately common and recurring in many people.

At such times, it becomes very difficult to face the vagaries of everyday life. So, to boost your tone and be at your best , include nettle in your breakfast: in smoothie or infusion, organic nettle powder will help you face your days under the sign of vitality!

Nettle leaf powder organic

  • check 150g organic nettle leaf powder – 100% pure – non-stinging
  • check Target: tonic, venous circulation, joints, acne-prone skin
  • check Nettle is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements.
  • check To use on your salads, in your smoothies or your soups. Dosage: 5g / day

Use nettle against acne

Is your teenager fed up with pimples? Have you tried everything to get rid of it without success? Make way for natural remedies to overcome it gently!

The anti-inflammatory properties of nettle help fight acne by purifying the skin . Considered as a cleansing plant, nettle helps eliminate toxins from the epidermis, to restore its beauty. oily skin will in particular benefit from using nettle powder as a mask to benefit from natural and effective care. Its alkalizing and draining properties actually allow slowing down the production of sebum.

A solution for venous circulation

As soon as you start to feel the effects of heavy legs, you just want to get rid of this awkward feeling as soon as possible. What if nettle was the solution? Whatever ailments you suffer from, from heavy legs to venous insufficiency , you can benefit from the benefits contained in the aerial parts of nettle. The active ingredients found there help reduce this unpleasant sensation, whether chronic or following physical exertion or periods of great heat.

In general, consume nettle promotes good blood circulation, thereby reducing this type of discomfort.

The benefits of nettle to relieve the joints

Many people suffer from osteoarthritis sooner or later. It seems very difficult for them to come to the end of it, and to finally feel a little relief. Here too, nettle will be of great help to you.

If it will not cure you 100% of your ailments, it will relieve your painful joints , because its mineral components, in particular silica, will help to consolidate the cartilage concerned. Used as a long-term cure, nettle will be associated with other anti-inflammatory plants to relieve your pain. Do not hesitate to drink an herbal tea per day made from organic nettle powder, or to integrate it into your salads and other soups or culinary preparations, to have your daily dose.

The anti fatigue properties of nettle

The minerals contained in nettle powder make it ideal for combating fatigue. During menstruation for example, where the iron loss is abundant, you can count on nettle to give you the boost you need … Consume once or twice a day, for enjoy all its benefits.

Do you feel that the change of season is going to be difficult again and put your vitality at risk? Take a month’s cure of organic nettle powder. You will never experience the changes of seasons the same again!

Composition of nettle leaves

To benefit from all the trace elements and minerals that make up nettle, opt for leaves in excellent condition. Its nutrients help strengthen bones, nails and hair.

For their part, the neuromediators of inflammation that it contains (histamine, acetylcholine, serotonin) help reduce the various inflammations that we can suffer on a daily basis. Joint pain will also be relieved by these specific components.

To accompany you on a daily basis and benefit from an appreciable vitality, we can count on the rich composition of nettle:

  • It contains vitamins A, B (B2, B5, B9), C, D, E and K.
  • Nettle is rich in protein: nettle powder contains 48% of vegetable proteins !
  • It contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium and more copper.
  • Also found in nettle flavonoids and formic, acetic and gallic acids. Faced with the effects of stress, they will be great allies!
  • It also has a lot of chlorophyll.

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Use of organic nettle powder

Nettle tea

Taken as an infusion, you can combine it with meadowsweet, ash or even goldenrod flowers. To benefit from anti-inflammatory benefits (for your joint problems for example), also incorporate Active Curcumin .

  • Put 10g of organic nettle powder in a cup, then stir in 90ml of boiling water.
  • Leave to infuse for ten minutes
  • Filter your mixture
  • It’s ready!

Consume this beverage once or twice a day, to benefit from the many benefits of this plant.

Nettle smoothie

  • 50gr of fresh nettle or 20g of powdered nettle (to be modulated according to your tastes)
  • 250ml of vegetable milk (almond, rice, oats, etc.)
  • 1 banana
  • Between 100 and 200g of red fruits (mix of fruits, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, etc.). The more you add, the thicker the smoothie will be.
  • A lemon (add the juice and zest)
  • A little liquid vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Take this vitamin cocktail every morning , to start the day on the right foot and enjoy unparalleled vitality until the evening!

Nettle vinaigrette

  • 10 to 20gr of fresh or powdered nettle
  • 200ml olive oil
  • 200ml of unfiltered and unpasteurized organic cider vinegar (probiotics and absence of pesticides very present in conventionally grown apples). You can reduce the vinegar a little if you don’t like the acidic sauce (150 ml)
  • 1 large tablespoon of mustard
  • 1 large tablespoon of organic creamy honey
  • 1 tablespoon of powdered rosemary (or ginger if you like it spicy. You can mix the two equally)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Take care of your hair with nettle

Its composition rich in zinc, silica and vitamin B makes nettle the perfect anti-hair loss plant! It participates in cell renewal (hair, skin, nails).

To prepare this treatment and enjoy its benefits, here is how to proceed:

  • To obtain 100g of product, incorporate 10g of organic nettle powder with 90ml of water.
  • Let your mixture sit for 24 hours, stirring occasionally.
  • If you make a large quantity, you can store it in a clean, dry bottle.
  • Apply to your hair to make poultices that will act directly on the scalp .

You can also incorporate your nettle powder into your shampoo, for regular application with each wash.

For the hair, nettle can be used as a macerate or directly incorporated into your mask. Its virtues are numerous: anti-hair loss, helps hair growth, helps regain the natural beauty of the hair, regulates sebum, soothes itching.

For best results, combine it with an organic shampoo. If you attack your scalp with a chemical product, you will accentuate your worries (irritation, etc.), it is therefore important to use organic and natural care to provide optimal hair care to your hair.

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Fight against dandruff

This should be done in advance, because the mixture must macerate for several weeks before it can be used:

  • Mix in a bowl: 20g of organic nettle powder, oregano flowers (about a handful), and 1l of 60 ° alcohol.
  • This mixture should macerate for two to three weeks . Ideally, place this lotion in the sun, if this is not possible, favor a temperate room.
  • Filter your mixture to obtain a pure and clear lotion.
  • Apply by friction to your scalp morning and evening. One tablespoon per day will be enough to get rid of dandruff naturally !

Take care of your skin with nettle

Nettle is a plant that is particularly appreciated by people with atopic skin . Thanks to its trace elements, minerals and vitamins, it soothes inflammation and other forms of irritation … paradoxical, for nettle, isn’t it? It goes even further, because it can soothe the itching! It also has the power to regenerate cells and has a vitalizing effect on the skin, nails and hair. Your skin will be cleansed, firmed and full of tone.

Do you tend to develop eczema, acne or psoriasis ? Trust organic nettle powder to relieve your ailments!

In the same way as for your hair care, you can integrate nettle powder in your masks and other day creams. You can also infuse 10g of nettle in 90ml of water, then apply it to the areas of your skin you are targeting.

Another tip:

You will enjoy a moment as relaxing as it is invigorating !

If you are used to making masks, you can also use your organic nettle powder macerate. If for example you make your DIY masks with clay powder, replace the water you incorporate with your mixture of boiled water + nettle powder. You will benefit from a double treatment!

Nettle, to fight against cellulite

Cellulite is irremediably one of the physical defects that complicate women the most. If different solutions are proposed to overcome it, nettle remains a little known and yet very effective solution!

Cellulite can be due to a hormonal imbalance , or to poor blood circulation . The latter causes the accumulation of toxins, and a reduced functioning lymphatic system. These two factors result in massive lipid storage. If infusions or treatments based on organic nettle powder can help you fight against your cellulite, it remains important to define the cause, in order to take the problem at the root.

The diuretic properties of nettle will help your body to eliminate toxins and excess water through the urine. Its rich composition also helps maintain proper functioning of the lymphatic system, thanks to facilitated drainage.

Knowing that cellulite often affects overweight people, nettle will also be of great help. It indeed lowers blood pressure , which is a good thing in an overweight person who often suffers from hypertension.

Precautions for use of nettle

While nettle has many benefits, it is also important to know it inside out to use it properly.

Above all, if you pick your nettles yourself, avoid leaves that seem old to you . They have indeed bad taste, and also contain calcium carbonate, which proves to be an irritant for the kidneys.

We advise you to take the reasonable doses indicated. Consumed in too high a dose, nettle can indeed reduce urine , this is called oliguria. You might also suffer from a slight stomach irritation. If despite your precautions, you experience this type of disorder, stop consuming nettle, you will only make the situation worse.

Make your own nettle powder

Arm yourself with a pair of scissors, a basket and above all … a good pair of gloves! It is not recommended to slide the leaves along the stem to go faster, the quality of your powder will be reduced. Cut the stems on the spot, then cut the leaves one by one with a scissor after you get home.

You can now wash them thoroughly , so as not to damage the leaves. It is time to drain them, then place them on sheets of newspaper in a dry place, to begin the phase of drying the leaves.. Prefer a dry place such as an attic or, failing that, a room that will not take moisture. Drying takes place in a minimum of 1 week. The drier the leaves, the easier it will be to turn them into powder.

Finally comes the part where you powder your leaves! Nothing could be simpler: use your small parsley blender , and gradually incorporate your dry nettle leaves.

All you have to do is package the product in a container where your natural and 100% homemade nettle powder will not be exposed to various elements (such as dust).


Organic nettle powder is THE natural product, effective for many types of ailments. Whether for external use for beauty treatments or internal use to relieve various health problems, nettle powder is the ideal natural product.

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