The benefits of organic nettle

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Nettle has many health benefits. It acts on tonicity, venous circulation, fatigue, joints, iron deficiency or even acne. It can be consumed during the various meals of the day but also be used in cosmetics. Nettle is a plant rich in minerals and other trace elements. To enjoy the many benefits of nettle , you […]

Sweet potato flour Christmas log

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Recipe of our Sweet Potato Flour Log for 6 people 3 preparations to make before putting everything together to form the log. Step 1: The chocolate ganache Ingredients for the ganache 200g dark chocolate 70% 200ml of almond cream 1 tablespoon of oil here organic coconut oil Ganache recipe 1. Melt the chocolate in a […]

Collagen peptides vs whey isolate: what to choose?

The awareness of the need for physical maintenance, to improve their diet in order to maintain their health is increasingly important to many people. Protein powder, like other food supplements, is therefore increasingly consumed to supplement or optimize the diet. At Nutripure we offer whey isolate and collagen peptides. You may be wondering what the […]

The health benefits of omega 3

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What is the role of omega 3? Omega 3s are fatty acids essential for health. They are essential for the proper functioning of the body, especially for heart health, vision and mental health. The precursor of the omega 3 family is alpha-linolenic acid symbolized by ALA. From this fatty acid, our body is able to […]

What are the good fats to eat?

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For the past 50 years, the fats in our diets have been demonized. They still have a bad reputation today. Yet their role is fundamental in our body. Stay in good health, limit joint pain and inflammation, think better, be less anxious, perform better or lose fat, we must consume good dietary fats and in […]

Take care of your fascias

Rhodiola contre le stress

What is a fascia? According to Wikipedia, a fascia is a fibro-elastic membrane that covers or envelops an anatomical structure. It is made up of connective tissue very rich in collagen fibers. Fascia are known to be passive structures for transmitting stress generated by muscle activity or forces outside the body.The video in summary: 70% […]

Health Benefits and Danger of Curcumin

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Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, the molecule of which is best absorbed by the body, has many benefits. It decreases inflammation as well as oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction; it increases insulin sensitivity or glucose uptake. Active Curcumin improves overall health and sports performance, acts on tendonitis, recent joint pain or osteoarthritis. However, it […]